Please register a name and email by March 1st at

*If multiple authors, please include all author names and just one email.

Registered participants will receive a serial number unique to their currency.



Submission Deadline:  March 1st, 17:00 CET, 2014.

Dates of Exhibition: March 5th to March 27, 2014.


Technical Requirements and Submission Guidelines:

1. Paper Currency

A4 PDF with the front and back of the proposed currency design on one side of the A4.

2. Alternative Currency

Entrants can suggest other media for currency, installation or performance.  Please describe or illustrate the currency on one side of an A4 sheet and the committee will install (or perform) the described currency or install the A4 sheet.  Please format the directions or explanation in two columns of similar width and height on one side of the A4 sheet.  Please include up to one additional page of directions for installation or performance.  

3. Rule for Use

On one additional sheet, please describe in 100 words how the currency is to be used, what kind of space, and the spatial/geographical limits of its use.

4.  Identification

Please identify in the lower left corner of each sheet the serial number that has been assigned to the entrant (or team).


Eligibility: Anyone is eligible to enter
Fee: None
Submission Process: Upload one pdf (no larger than 3 mb) by March 1st, 17:00 CET, to